Past Projects


Aeon Wallet

The worlds only all metal wallet was conceived in 2015. Constructed of Stainless Steel and Nickel through modern machining techniques and traditional handwork cold connections, the wallet stands to endure the test of time. Equipped with a compartment that can carry up to 5 credit cards and an optional bill holder, the minimalist design and simple to use wallet serves as both a functional everyday object and art piece. 




Partnering with Rob Chavez and 7Cs, the Headstone shiva lingam smoking stone was a concept turned reality. Involvement in the early startup included fabrication process design, brand identification, logo and website creation, packaging design, product photography, and business strategy. 


GE Garages

Working with TechShop and General Electric, Garages was a global initiative to showcase modern manufacturing techniques serve as a pop up skill building center for innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, and the greater maker community. Involvement included activation of the space, calibration of equipment, developing training sessions, and community engagement in Washington D.C. and Lagos Nigeria.

Jingdezhen, China

Living in Jingdezhen, China was a lifelong dream. Exposure to ancient techniques and living masters was a humbling and empowering experience. The resulting body of work demonstrates a level of focus and precision not before realized, while remaining free and uninhibited. The 8 month project also provided the opportunity to develop ties with world class ceramic production facilities and artisans.